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Book Description
The Playgroup Handbook has helped thousands of parents organize and run playgroups for their preschool children. This thoroughly revised and updated edition is even more useful to any parent considering playgroups as a child care option.

Playgroups give you a direct role in planning your child's activities as you meet and work with other parents. And children enjoy the personal attention and the friendships they build as they play and learn in a playgroup. The Playgroup Handbook helps you to form a playgroup that's right for you and your preschooler. It includes:

Step-by-step guidelines for organizing a group: planning sessions, materials, safety, scheduling, what to expect from the children, and more
Dozens of seasonal and non-seasonal activities--art, cooking, games, music, exercise, science, trips, woodworking, storytelling--to perform with inexpensive materials and a minimum of preparation
An appendix on how to start a playgroup for profit, with a list of organizations to contact for more information on family day care.

Book Description
Packed with practical advice and step-by-step instructions, "A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Complete Guide to Playgroups" covers everything a stay-at-home mom needs to know to start and maintain a successful playgroup for herself and her child! Various options along the way help the reader tailor her playgroup to her individual needs and those of her child’s. It also addresses the unique concerns of working parents, at-home dads, homeschooling families, and parents of children with disabilities. Additionally, the book suggests ways in which the Internet can help at every stage of the process. Written by a stay-at-home mom of four and “veteran” of five successful playgroups, "A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Complete Guide to Playgroups" provides valuable tips that can be used when starting a new playgroup or rejuvenating an old one!

Book Description
365 fun, creative activities to stimulate your toddler every day of the year. This book contains 365 activities (one for each day of the year) for one-and-a-half to three-year-olds using things found around the home. It shows parents and day-care providers how to:
  • Prevent boredom during the longest stretches of indoor weather with ideas for indoor play, kitchen activities, and arts and crafts projects.
  • Stimulate a child's natural curiosity with entertaining math, language, and motor-skills activities.
  • Encourage a child's physical, mental, and emotional growth with ideas for fun music, food, water, and outdoor activities.
  • Keep toddlers occupied during long car trips or cross-town errands.
  • The Toddler's Busy Book is written with warmth and sprinkled with humor and insight. It should be required reading for anyone raising or teaching toddlers.

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