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Frequently asked Questions

What is a Playgroup?

A playgroup is a small group of children of a similar age and parents/caregivers that meet on a regular basis at a regular time. They may meet at a memberís home or at other locations (e.g. at the local library for story hour, parks, zoo, etc.) ó the choice of location, day and time is up to the group.

Playgroups provide an easy way for kids to begin learning how to play together and socialize. They also offer much needed adult interaction for the parents/caregivers.

How and when are playgroups formed?

The bulk of our new playgroups are formed in September/October and again in January/February. However, as new families join the organization all year long we form new playgroups or add new families to an existing playgroups on an on-going basis. Many playgroup relationships begin when children are infants. Some local organization such as the YMCA and community centers have programs to introduce family and faciliate the creation of playgroups for people who are new to the community.

What are flexible playgroups?

Are more casual playgroups that meet maybe twice a month. They are scheduled at a given time and location to which any member may come ó no need to RSVP, you just show up if youíre looking for something to do. These types of playgroups are usually sponsored by some organization (for example they meet in a church basement (where we have access to a nice variety of toys) or in public parks. Parents/caregivers of all ages come to these, so donít be shy even if you have a very tiny baby ó itís a great way to meet other parents and sometime form your own private playgroups.

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