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Links is a newsite developed for parents by parents. Here is a list of other sites we have found to be useful:


Parents Magazine
This is the offical website for Parents Magazine. We find this site a good source for general parenting information. Be careful of the community boards the advice is from other parents and their methods may not be right for you and your child.
This is site has a good collection of article from many different Parenting site. It is a good source for general parenting information.

Discount Diapers Direct
Where to go for your best price on Diapers...

We cater to babies, parents and adults who need high-quality diapers and related products at the very lowest prices.

Baby Signs with Nicki
This group is designed as a place where parents who are using the Baby SignsŪ Program can get help and support both from Certified Baby SignsŪ Instructors and other parents! The group is open to both parents and professionals who are signing with the infants in their lives. We offer a one-time Parent Workshop and a 6-week play class.

Kinder Workshops - Too Cute For Words
A workshops that teach parents how to teach their hearing babies(6 mos-2 years) sign language. The workshops are geared toward adults but it could be a perfect "event" for a playgroup of babies who arent quite mobile yet and the parents are doing the hanging out anyway.

Stuff for Busy Moms:

Mom Agenda
offers an upscale day planner that provides a way to track the multiple schedules that moms manage. As featured on the Today Show and in Real Simple, the Desktop planner has gained a devout following. Combining functionality and style, this planner features week-at-a-view spreads that have rows for each child, the mom, as well as space for notes, dinner suggestions, and an inspirational quote for each week.Check out the Desktop as well as our whole line of organizational essentials at

Mommy Cards
a stylish, easy way to make play dates and create new friendships for you and your little ones. Similar to business cards, Mommy Cards present your contact information to make introductions turn into actual play dates. Another organizational essentials at
Try the discount code MC10 for 10% off your order at checkout.

Other Playgroup/Parent Support Groups:

A great site with everything you need to keep up with your social toddler. Social Toddler offers listing of local event and activities, parenting advice from industry experts, and social networking for parents looking for playgroups, to plan playdates and to meet other moms and dads in their area.

An open parenting community where you can express your thoughts about parenting, give and receive parenting advice and support, or just communicate with other parents online.

Pregnancy message boards - Parenting message boards is an online community of moms sharing the joys and struggles of motherhood. Baby Names, due date clubs, parenting resources and more.

Baby Chatter A resources for helping to find baby names, a section on celebrity baby names, free baby stuff, coupons and other offers

A Mommy's World For all moms all over the world, local message boards, chat rooms, message boards for everything imaginable related to pregnancy, parenting, & family

Open Mommy Chat Online chat room website for moms, come join in any of the rooms or start your own. For moms, pregnancy, ttc, family, dads, mommy groups, mommy friends, groups of moms

Toy Recalls:

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
The official site for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Excellent source if you need to search by product type or company name.

Child Product
This site list three years of product recall new and information. The site is run by the Office of the Arkansas Attorney General.

Web development:
An excellent development shop! The are responsible for building and maintaining and many other sites.A company focused on putting the small business owner in charge of their internet storefront

Misc from Members:

Essential Compounds
A great site to learn about the anti-oxidents, free radical fighters, and vitamins.
They provide an excellent kids vitamin called "Might-A-Mins" that my kids love.

One Way Limo
A discount limo site for airport transfers to and from your home. Why drive when you can ride. For about the same cost of driving and parking for a week at one of the New York Area Airports you can ride an style and forget about all the hassle. Give it a try, great prices and service.

Registation page for
A website that has great service and feature to help manage my play group experiences.

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